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About Us

About Us
Global Payment Gateway Co.Ltd based in Hong Kong, it is a online payment gateway company, the main business is engaged in the payment and settlement.
Includes firms engaged in providing payment gateways on behalf of payment industry members such as banks, telecommunication companies and others, the process involves network establishment and technology provision, supply of payment tools as well as hardware & software, data center set up, payment cards designing and issuance, provision of consultancy and the management of the process.
Global Payment Gateway is dedicated to provide safe and convenient payment gateways to internet users and enterprises.
Global Payment Gateway started with a single purpose - to help people make cross-border payment easier. Today, that single, long-term perspective remains core to all we do. We’re a company defined by our mutuality, operating for the benefit of our clients, and proud of our payment innovation. Over time, we’ll provide financial convenience and security to millions of people and earn customer ratings that are among the highest of same industry company.
Target Market
Our payment gateway serves the users having the plan for cross-border payment. A lot of customers who would like to buy cross-boarder goods and service, their desire are not fulfilled.
Market Position
Our aim is to be the leading payment gateway company in our chosen markets.
Global Payment Gateway today
As the advanced third party payment gateway company in Hong Kong, Global Payment Gateway has the great priority in powerful hardware and software backup and successful running experience.